Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

Sale of Domain Names

All domain names listed on are owned exclusively by GetBrandNames, its principals, and may be assumed “for sale.” When you purchase a domain name from and submit payment through any of GetBrandNames’ authorized payment providers you will be making payment for the domain name. This includes the exclusive right to use that domain name for as long as you keep the domain name registered and in good standing with your registrar.

Upon successful purchase and verification of such a purchase, the domain name will be transferred to you at the current registrar. You may keep the domain registered at its current registrar or, if permitted, you will be allowed to transfer the domain to another registrar of your choosing. It will be your sole responsibility to ensure your domain is properly registered and that your registration is in good standing with your registrar. You will be required to pay yearly renewal fees directly to the registrar you keep the domain name with. Registration fees vary by registrar, are usually between $10 and $200 USD per year, and it will be your sole responsibility as the new owner of the domain to keep the registration current.

Verification of Sales

A domain name sale is not considered complete until the order has been verified and approved by GetBrandNames. All domain name sales are subject to a final review and sales verification to ensure that that the domain(s) subject to the sale are

A.) indeed available for purchase and that

B.) there are no issues that would obstruct the sale of in selling each domain. While all orders are typically approved and transferred immediately upon receipt of payment, a sales receipt or email confirmation does not render the transaction complete. If circumstances arise affecting GetBrandNames’ ability to completely deliver a domain to the purchaser, all charges will be refunded appropriately.

In certain situations, GetBrandNames may require additional verification from the buyer. If the buyer fails to provide the additional information for verification of their order, the order will be cancelled, and a refund will be issued. A sale will not be considered complete until the order has been both verified and approved, and the domain has been successfully transferred to the buyer.

Transferring the Domain

GetBrandNames shall instruct the Buyer the required steps and best practices involved in the technical domain name registration transfer process. GetBrandNames can only ensure the prompt and orderly transfer of the Domain if GetBrandNames ‘s are strictly followed.

A successful transfer of the Domain has taken place when GetBrandNames has relinquished technical control of the Domain and no longer needs to take any actions to allow the Buyer to gain technical control of the Domain (“Successful Transfer”). In lieu of direct knowledge of the shift in technical control, you acknowledge that a Successful Transfer will also be considered to have taken place if (a) the Buyer modifies the Domain’s public WHOIS record, (b) GetBrandNames receives confirmation from the Buyer’s registrar or the registry that the Buyer has control of the Domain, (c) the Buyer confirms receipt of the Domain in writing (including through the Transfer Center) or (d) the Buyer has not replied to GetBrandNames’s requests for confirmation of Buyer’s control of the Domain within five (5) days of the first request from GetBrandNames. In the case of the latter, Buyer’s silence in response to GetBrandNames’s requests shall constitute Buyer’s confirmation of control of the Domain.

Note: Once your purchase is made, we will contact you to set the details for the domain transfer; Depending on where you want the domain to be transferred, it can happen in 10 minutes or even up to 7 days. We provide all the help needed for a quick transfer.

Transfer Failure and Repayment

You acknowledge that a Failed Transfer, for any reason, does not automatically release you from the purchase and sale agreement.

If the Failed Transfer is ultimately unsuccessful solely due to the fact that you have not undertaken to follow the instructions provided by GetBrandNames, there will be no responsibility on any party to return to you the full payment of the Domain’s Purchase Price, or where applicable, any fees paid to GetBrandNames.

GetBrandNames offers a full refund on domain name sales in the event the buyer chooses to return the domain within 14-days of purchase. To qualify for a refund, the buyer must have maintained the domain with registrar at which the customer received the domain at the time of purchase. Buyer must return the domain, including exclusive control thereof, to GetBrandNames within the 14-day time frame to be eligible for a refund. The domain cannot have been used in any negative, illegal, or malicious manner, including but not limited to, being used for spam, phishing, defamation, adult website hosting, or anything that is determined to be reasonably problematic to the health and value of the domain. A buyer will be permitted one domain return/refund per calendar year. In the event GetBrandNames determines that a buyer’s actions and use of the domain have caused harm to the health and value of the domain, that domain will not be eligible for return and refund. In all reasonable cases GetBrandNames will honor the Return.

If you purchase a domain and transfer it to another registrar, the domain will be locked for 60-days by the new registrar. In this event, the transferred domain name(s) will not be eligible for return. Additionally, payment plan payments are not eligible for the 14-day return policy and are bound by the specific terms of each specific payment plan.

NOTE: We recommend a high level of diligence before placing an order. If you need our help, we are here to support you to choose the best brand and domain name for your business. After the purchase is made and the transfer is finished, there is no reason for a return.