About Us

Who is behind Getbrandnames.com

About Us

We believe every business idea needs to have a powerful brand name for it.

A few years ago, while we were running an online advertising business, we started receiving requests for selling some of our website’s domains. In the beginning, we could not understand why is there so much interest in a specific domain and this is how we started searching more about this.
After a while and after many kinds of research, we discovered that it is a whole business industry for buying the right domain name for a brand.
Being serial entrepreneurs, we started a new business idea: searching, creating and delivering the best brand names for every company.
Today, we provide a quality gallery of domains that are suitable for successful brand names.
Having a background as a digital marketing agency, we understand how important is for a business to find the right brand name and a matching domain for it.
We are dedicated to offer our expertise and creativity at affordable prices for any company, not only for the big companies, who can afford to pay 6-7 figures just for the brand name creation.
We also offer creative and memorable logos for each domain we provide, so, we invite you to visit our domain gallery and find the perfect brand name for your business.

What you see is what you get

Why choose Us

Our mission is to provide the best brand name for your business and a matching premium domain.

Choose us because:

We understand what you need

Having a background as a digital marketing agency, we choose very carefully the brand names and the matching domain names that we list in our gallery.

We have a simple and secure buying process

The purchase process takes place through ESCROW. It is secure and rapid for both sides and the domain transfer is very easy and fast.

We are the domain owners

We are the domain owners, we are not intermediaries. You can get the best and fair prices for the domain names that you need.

We offer

Value. Creativity. Trust